Providence Bicycle App Now Running Smoothly

Mar 19, 2013

Providence launched a smartphone app to track the rides of cyclists earlier this year.  After a couple hiccups, the app is now helping city planners create a bicycle master plan for the city.

Multiple snowstorms slowed the use of the Cycletrack Smartphone app. It was launched last January to keep track of trips taken by cyclists throughout Providence. The engineering firm tasked with creating the bicycle master plan, VHB, says the app experienced some initial hiccups. But VHB’s Director of Cycling, Bill DeSantis, says it’s now running smoothly. And with the weather improving, more data is coming in.

“We’re moving forward," he says. "So again, it’s up and running and available for both iPhone and Android.”

DeSantis says the app is a critical way to see exactly where cyclists are riding. The bicycle master plan is due out this summer.

UPDATE: Here's the link to download the app.

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