Providence College Faces Racial Profiling on Campus

May 2, 2013

A group of Providence College students and faculty is alleging a pattern of widespread racial profiling on the Smith Hill campus.

About 30 Providence College students and faculty picketed the school, alleging a widespread campaign of racial profiling.  Junior Juan Lopez says he’s been asking himself if he really belongs at the Catholic college.

"During my three years here I’ve been racially exploited. I’ve been asked for my ID multiple times. And this happens pretty much everywhere on campus, from the library to the bookstore. At the library I got accused of stealing for no reason. I was a regular student. I went there every day."

Faculty member Julia Jordan-Zachery says she’s been subjected to the same treatment because of her race.

"I have been stopped on campus although I had my parking decal properly displayed when trying to enter campus."

Providence College spokesman Steve Maurano says they are addressing the problem with campus security sensitivity training.

"Do you have a racial profiling problem here? I don’t believe we do. I believe these are isolated incidents."

The concerned students and faculty are calling on Providence College president Brian Shanley to condemn the harassment.