Providence College Is Keeping Busy During the Summer Months

Jul 5, 2013

Though it’s summertime, Providence College has been keeping busy, the school is working to complete several large projects in time for the coming school year.

One of those projects, the construction of brand new building signals a change to the school’s core curriculum.

The 63,000 square foot, $20 million   Ruane Center, will house the school’s Development of Western Civilization program.

The two-year program has been core requirement for all freshmen and sophomores at Providence College since 1971.

According to college President, Father Brian Shanley, the decision to build the new facility stemmed from a choice to retool the program.

“Civ used to be taught in large classes in close to 110-115 students basically just sitting there listening to a professor lecture, and that’s the most inefficient way to learn.  So we wanted smaller classrooms for more discussion," said Shanley.

The Ruane Center is needed to house all the now smaller Western Civilization classes.  Each of those classes will have about 15 students.

A second project the is the building of the school’s very first Olympic length outdoor track. 

Fr. Shanley said the school’s varsity cross-country program has needed the facility.

“We have a long tradition of runners that we lure here, because we have a great coach, and then, oops, we don’t have a track, so now we have a track," said Shanley.

The new track will open on land surrounded by streets PC recently bought from the city, and now has permission to close. 

The college says that there has been some public opposition to the closure of part of Huxley Street, but that they have no plans to shut down the street at this time.

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