Providence Considers Smoking Ban For Public Parks

Jul 10, 2014

Some smokers say they wouldn't oppose a proposed ordinance that would ban smoking in all Providence public parks.  The ban would make it illegal to use any form of tobacco in city parks and playgrounds, with a $50 fine for violators.

Smoking would be banned at Burnside Park in downtown Providence among others.
Credit Jeff Nickerson / Wikimedia Commons

City council president and mayoral candidate Michael Solomon says the primary goal is to reduce children's exposure to tobacco.  Cumberland resident Zach Judge, says he's only 18 but has been smoking for 2 years; he thinks the ban makes sense.

"I feel like that would actually be pretty good because I mean, if you think about it, you got kids like me who are smoking and and if you put a ban on smoking in more of the public places maybe kids won't smokes as much," said Judge.

If approved, the smoking ban would go into effect this fall or winter.

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