Providence Man Convicted Of Murder For Selling Fentanyl

Apr 12, 2017

Credit Steven Depolo / flickr

A Providence man has been convicted of second degree murder for selling the potent opioid fentanyl to someone who later died of an overdose. The state’s Attorney General believes this is Rhode Island’s first conviction of its type.

In February 2014, Aaron Andrade sold a woman about $40 dollars worth of heroin laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl. The woman later overdosed and died. Now the Attorney General’s office says it has convicted Andrade of second degree murder and he’s been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The AG’s office says this is likely the first time someone has pleaded guilty to murder in Rhode Island for selling fentanyl that led to an overdose death.

Prosecutors learned the woman who died had recently been discharged from an addiction treatment facility because her insurance declined to cover a longer stay. Legislation has recently been proposed that would prohibit insurers from denying coverage to someone whose treatment provider believes the patient needs more time in rehab.