Providence mayor: people don't always agree on everything

PROVIDENCE, RI – Providence Mayor Angel Taveras says disagreements on the City Council won't hurt efforts to move the city forward.

The council's Finance Committee has canceled a series of meetings to discuss the budget, pension contributions and other important topics. Taveras denies he's losing support among the majority of councilors who have backed him since he came into office.

The mayor says the situation reflects how people don't always agree on everything. Taveras says the city has been able to move forward because of strong council support.

But Rhode Island Public Radio has learned that council alliances are in flux due to gripes among some councilors. The issues include redistricting, last year's controversial school closing plan, and a fight for the leadership of the Finance Committee. Council President Michael Solomon is moving to shore up support by giving committee assignments to councilors who didn't previously have them.

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