Providence Official Indicted In 'Plunder Dome' Scandal Dies

Apr 23, 2014

A former Providence tax official who was convicted of extorting bribes in the Operation Plunder Dome case has died.  David Ead testified against Buddy Cianci during the trial that landed Cianci in prison.

Providence City Hall

Ead was a former Providence police officer who ran a vending machine company. During the Plunder Dome trial in 2002, Ead testified that a $5000 payment and a call from Cianci got a family friend a job in the Providence planning department.

Cianci’s defense lawyer attacked Ead’s credibility by showing how Ead repeatedly violated bail restrictions against going out of state by gambling at Connecticut casinos. Cianci was ultimately convicted of a single count of racketeering conspiracy, although he was acquitted of nine other charges. Cianci served about five years in prison before being freed in 2007. He now works as a radio talk-show host and is considering another campaign for mayor.

David Ead was 72 years old.

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