Providence One Step Closer To Passing Community Safety Act

Apr 21, 2017

The Providence City Council voted in favor of the Community Safety Act in a special meeting, Thursday. With three councilors absent, the vote went 12-0 in favor of the proposal.

The ordinance aims to stop the practice of racial profiling and implements stricter requirements when stopping pedestrians. Though it’s garnered support among community activists, the CSA has faced opposition from the city’s police union. Union officials say some provisions in the ordinance hamper policing, adding unnecessary paperwork for simple resident interactions.

Providence City Council Press Secretary Michaela Antunes, says this is a step forward for improving community-police relations.

“It might take some effort on the part of the police department to implement this, but you get a receipt for a bagel nowadays, so to get some sort of receipt as to why you were stopped is a great step for making our policing operations more transparent,” said Antunes.

The CSA requires a second vote by the full council before it makes its way to Mayor Jorge Elorza. Elorza has expressed his support for the ordinance.

Antunes says councilors are confident the ordinance could be set to a second vote as early as next week.