Providence opens new meeting place for teens

Providence, R.I. – A new community center aims to help teens connect with afterschool programs and other services. The Hub, located in a former garage on Providence's west side, is meant to be a gathering place for teens, community groups and other service providers. Director Damien Ewans says a staff of 10 high school students is helping him run the center.

"A lot of times youth leave school and feel like there isn't anything going on out there," says Ewans, who says there are actually a large number of quality afterschool programs and youth-oriented organizations in the city. "We're trying to learn from the youth in terms of promoting and using the sort of networking tools that they're using whether its through texting or facebook or twitter," Ewans says.

Over a dozen organizations have already partnered with the new center, which is run by the Providence Afterschool Alliance. Ewans estimates that there are roughly 13,000 high school-aged residents in Providence.

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