Providence pink slips 1,900 teachers

Providence, RI – All of Providence's teachers are being told they may not be rehired for the next school year. The city is sending pink slips to its entire teaching force in an unprecedented move.

Mayor's office spokeswoman Melissa Withers says many teachers will keep their jobs, but state law requires notifications of possible dismissal be sent to teachers by March 1st.

"The budgeting process for next year simply isn't complete yet," Withers says. "But this March 1st deadline requires us to make decisions now regarding the next school year, and it made sense to maintain the maximum flexibility."

Withers says trimming the school district's budget is a necessary part of the Mayor's overall plan to cut the city's spending. She says the city has no sense of how many pink slips might be rescinded, or how many teachers will lose their jobs at the end of the year.

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