Providence Police Union Head Warns Of Rushing A Vote On Community Safety Act

Apr 20, 2017

Just two days after its passage in committee the Providence City Council is set to vote on the Community Safety Act, in a special meeting. 

The ordinance aims to limit police profiling and sets guidelines for policies including the use of body cameras.

Officials with the city’s police union warn against rushing to a vote. Fraternal Order of Police head, Sergeant Robert Boehm, says the police union is concerned over some of the wording of the CSA. He says provisions like one that requires police documentation of every interaction with pedestrians, hampers policing and what constitutes a pedestrian interaction isn’t clearly defined.

“Our concern is you continue to hold the hands of the police and tie up the hands of the police we’re going to become reactive as opposed to proactive, especially if we have to do more work every time we stop someone,” said Boehm.

Boehm says although the CSA has been in the works for years, more negotiation is needed.