Providence’s David Ortiz Is Rhode Island’s Little Papi

Oct 22, 2013

As the Red Sox prepare for Wednesday night’s World Series opener at Fennway Park, one Rhode Islander is feeling the love being shown Number 34, big slugger David Ortiz.  

David Ortiz, the Red Sox designated hitter, is known as Big Papi. David Ortiz, the spokesman for Providence’s mayor, is known as Little Papi. “You know it’s funny, Mayor Taveras gave me the nickname Little Papi,” said Ortiz.

People who hear his name, or see it on his credit card, love to tell Little Papi whether he played a good game or not. “I think without a doubt if he does well I will be congratulated,” Ortiz said.

Little Papi loves Big Papi, thinks he’s a great guy, and thrilled to share the name. While he doesn’t own a shirt, Little Papi thinks 34’s a really good number.

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