Providence Students Earn College Credit In New Biotechnology Program

Nov 28, 2014

Lose Pierre, an 18-year-old Providence student, shows the tool she used for an experiment in the biotechnology lab at the Juanita Sanchez School.
Credit Elisabeth Harrison

Students at the Juanita Sanchez High School in Providence can earn college credit for a biotechnology course.  It’s part of a special partnership with the University of Rhode Island

At a school in a tough part of Providence, students are getting a leg up on college by earning credit for an entry level biotechnology course. They get lectures from a professor at URI.  Senior Lose Pierre says it’s preparing her for life after high school.  “[with] biotechnology you can have different careers, you can be a scientist, you can be a researcher, a manufacturer and stuff like that. I’m still thinking about it,” said Pierre.

She said it’s given her a better idea of what to expect in college. “Now I’m getting used to what college looks like and it’s a semester so all of the work is like intense and condensed into a semester, so it’s helping me to be ready for the lectures and what the class look like.”

Pierre isn’t sure what career she’ll pursue, but she’s interested in healthcare. She’s planning to apply to colleges like URI and Brandeis, and she knows she’s ready. She’s doing internships and extra science classes through the biotechnology program at her high school, and she’s close to completing her first college course.

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