Providence VA Audited Friday; Auditors Find No Scheduling Irregularities

May 19, 2014

The Department of Veterans Affairs has conducted audits of medical centers around the country after allegations emerged that some centers had concealed appointment wait times. The Providence VA was audited on Friday last week. 

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki ordered the audits to uncover any other scheduling problems or misconduct. Providence VA spokeswoman Leslie Pierson says auditors spent all day Friday interviewing staff about scheduling practices.

“The external audit was actually very thorough. They met with our scheduling staff. They met privately so they could speak freely with the people who came from a different network, some VA employees who are not part of our network. So they had opportunities to speak in a protected and free environment and everything they stated just echoed that Providence is doing everything above board.”

Pierson says wait times are public. And currently, patients can expect to wait about 14 days for an appointment with a primary care doctor, a few more days for specialty appointments.