Public voices negative reaction to Providence school closures

Providence, RI – The Providence School Department held its first community meeting Tuesday night on the proposed closure of four city schools. Reaction was mostly negative.

Sabrina Smith, a Providence school teacher and the parent of a student at one of the schools that may be closed, look directly at Mayor Angel Taveras and posed this queston:

"How can you sleep at night knowing that you're closing schools and sacrificing our children's education?"

The mayor responded, "I don't sleep a lot at night."

Taveras, who attended Providence public schools himself, told the roughly 50 people assembled at last night's community meeting, that he takes no pleasure in closing any school.

"Do you think I want to be standing here telling you that we need to close schools to balance our budget? I've been mayor less than three months. Do you think that's what I want to be doing?" he asked.

Taveras says a $110 million budget deficit must be closed and the entire city will have to sacrifice to do it.

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