Public to weigh in on medical marijuana retail applicants

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Eighteen applicants are vying for up to three spots to run the state's first medical marijuana retail stores. Today the public has a chance to weigh in on their proposals.

Officials expect to pack the Department of Health's auditorium for the 10am public hearing. The meeting will be divided into three comment periods- medical marijuana patients will testify first, followed by representatives of cities and towns and then the general public.

Peter Hanney with the department of health says that last group might have to wait until the afternoon to testify.

"The general public, it's hard to say whether it will be after lunch or before lunch but if history is any indication it will be after lunch," Hanney says.

Public testimony on the first round of so called compassion center applicants lasted so long health officials had to take a lunch break. Those earlier applications were all disqualified for either exceeding the maximum page limit or failing to receive the minimum score.

This time, the department of health hopes to select up to three winning applications by March.

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