Publishers chronicle the wind energy debate on Block Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – The proposed offshore wind farm expected to start going up in 2013 will affect Block Island residents in a couple of ways - it will lower their power bills but it will also impede their uniquely pristine views. The issue has divided the island into those with bumper stickers supporting the project and the ones worried about what the wind farm will do to the view and the environment.

Block Island sends out some of the highest power bills in the U.S. The island is powered by diesel generators, and it's expensive to haul the fuel on a ferry and then the prices fluctuate with the market.

Betty and Fraser Lang publish the Block Island Times newspaper, which has been chronicling the headaches of high energy costs and the promise that wind energy will relieve those headaches.

Rhode Island Public Radio and the Rhode Island Foundation are hosting a forum on offshore wind energy Thursday evening at URI. For more information click here.

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