PUC Considers Extending Winter Utility Moratorium to May 1st

Apr 8, 2014

The state’s Public Utilities Commission will consider a request on Friday to extend the winter moratorium on shutting off utilities.

The George Wiley Center is a non-profit that advocates for the poor. It has asked the PUC to extend the moratorium from April 15th to May 1st. The George Wiley Center’s Debbie Clark said April is just too early to cut off the heat.

“Generally the average temperatures in April are still cold for people. And you know we have had snow in April,” said Clark. “And if we look at the past history for April months in years past, the average temperature is still sometimes below 50.”

Clark said this would be a one-time extension, but there’s legislation on Smith Hill that would make the May 1st cutoff date permanent. She said more than 30,000 residents have their utilities cut off in the winter.

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