Puzzlers in Providence this weekend

Providence, RI – A group that calls itself the world's oldest puzzlers' organization is in Providence this weekend. WRNI's Megan Hall caught up with the league's program director and NPR's Puzzle Master Will Shortz.

Shortz says the National Puzzlers' league has been around since 1883. The puzzlers meet in a different city every year and chose Providence for this year's convention.

Shortz says the meetings attract many of the country's best word solvers, but everyone is welcome to play.

"The convention is open to the public," he says. "There's no prizes, it's just for fun. But everyone's welcome. We can handle a small number of people coming in and there's no charge."

Shortz says the best time to come is Saturday afternoon at 2:30 for pencil and paper puzzles. The convention lasts until Sunday morning at the Providence Downtown Marriott.

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Listen to Will Shortz share two puzzles with WRNI's Megan Hall here

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