Quonset Business Park To Welcome Another Solar Company

Feb 19, 2014

The Quonset Development Corporation has given a Colorado-based renewable energy company, Bella Energy, the green light to build a solar farm.

Bella Energy solar panels in Lafayette, Colorado.
Credit Courtesy of Bella Energy

The solar farm will sit on an acre and a half, out of the five acres Bella Energy will lease.

Ted Kresse, spokesperson for the Quonset Development Corporation, said the land Bella Energy will lease is not fit for industrial development, but works for solar projects.

“This lease makes sense for a variety of reasons in that it promotes alternative energies within the state and it helps encourage diversity of companies within the business park,” said Kresse. “But it also provides a good quiet and compatible land use to the adjacent residential neighborhood south of the business park.”

Kresse said this solar farm fits into Quonset Development Corporation’s goal to promote sustainable and renewable energy projects.

Bella Energy’s solar farm will be interconnected with National Grid’s system and produce enough energy to power about 90 homes. National Grid will buy energy produced at this solar farm for 15 years, as part of its renewable energy portfolio.

Hunter Strader, Bella Energy’s commercial solar adviser, said this new business agreement is keeping the company busy.

“We’re in the process of working with Quonset, working with the town, North Kingstown, and getting permitting, finalizing lease agreements,” said Strader. “And our goal is to basically have this thing up and running in late fall of this year.”

Strader said Bella Energy is excited to join other companies at Quonset Business Park that have a focus on renewable energy.