Racist Flyers Target RI NAACP Head

Feb 6, 2018

The head of the Providence NAACP said he’s saddened and disgusted by the distribution of racist flyers featuring his image. A number of the flyers were found in Providence and Pawtucket over the weekend.

The anonymous flyers showed a picture of Providence NAACP President Jim Vincent, along with the words “negro crime” and a reference to Providence as a sanctuary city, a term used by critics to refer to cities that have resisted cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Vincent said the flyers were discovered near Brown University and McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket. He said the multi-page flyers are characterized by hostility toward black people.

“But I realize that as a person that speaks out regularly against racism and bigotry and injustice," said Vincent "that there’s always going to be people that don’t agree with that and are going to push back.”

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and other elected officials responded during a mid-day news conference Monday on the East Side. They said there’s no place for the kind of hateful views expressed in the flyers.

Vincent said he was pleased that elected officials decided to speak out against racism.

“I just thank all of the good people that showed up to the press conference and all the different messages of support, and all the messages of love and all the messages of unity," said Vincent. "I’m really inspired by that.”