Raimondo: State Needs to Streamline, Modernize Regulations

Apr 14, 2014

Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo says the state needs to streamline and modernize regulations to encourage entrepreneurs.

Speaking at Foolproof Brewing in Pawtucket, Raimondo cited the company as part of Rhode Island’s growing craft-brewing sector. But Raimondo says startups like Foolproof are succeeding in spite of excessive and antiquated regulations. She says entrepreneurs are sometimes left feeling like they’ve done something wrong after filling out government applications and permits.

"You should walk away feeling great and fired up to run your business, not confused and bad about yourself because you couldn’t figure out the regulatory maze that we put in front of small businesses," Raimondo says. "More than anything else, this feeling that government and small business are adversaries is what we need to change."

If elected governor, Raimondo says she’ll review every state regulation in her first year in office. Her proposal includes looking at whether fees for small business need to be changed or eliminated, creating a single online source for all state and municipal permitting, and setting deadlines for government decisions.

The treasurer was joined by a handful of small business people, including Foolproof Brewing's Nick Garrison, who expressed frustration about outdated or overly complex regulatory schemes. Raimondo has released a series of economic proposals as part of her campaign.