Raimondo supports drivers' licenses for undocumented immigrants, criticizes Taveras

Nov 27, 2013

State General Treasurer Gina Raimondo has fired a salvo at her like Democratic gubernatorial opponent, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras over the issue of drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants.

In a statement on the social media platform Twitter, Raimondo said she is ``disappointed’’ in Taveras’ position of leaving this matter up to the U.S. Congress.

``This is a public safety issue,’’ said Raimondo, who supports licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Eric Hyers, a Raimondo campaign spokesman, said the general treasurer is upset that Taveras is, in effect, ``punting this issue’’ off to the Republican-controlled U.S. House and Speaker John  Boehner, who has been averse to considering the immigration overhaul proposals advocated by the U.S. Senate and President Obama.

``This is something we can do here in Rhode Island,’’ said Hyers.

Requests for comment from Mayor Taveras have been unavailing. But the Providence Journal reported that  Taveras told Latino Public Radio that he believes Congress, not the states, ought to make immigration reform decisions, including those on drivers licenses. Some states, including California, have been issuing licenses to the undocumented. Rhode Island doesn't allow such licenses.