Ready: RI's Road Map For Health Care Transformation

Jan 15, 2014

A little while ago I mentioned this plan was being drafted, and open for public comment. The final product is available now, and it's worth a read, here: (.pdf opens another document).

First, this document, the "Rhode Island State Healthcare Innovation Plan," produced out of Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts' office, is a great snapshot of the state's health care system. If you want a primer on our health care system, our biggest health problems, and where the opportunities lie for fixing them, look it over.

But the document also maps out what needs fixing and how to fix it. It's one of the clearest encapsulations I've seen of what health care reform actually means.

It's still light on specifics and assigning responsibility, but it is comprehensive. Whatever health issue you're interested in, whether it's the cost of care, how we care for Rhode Islanders with disabilities, the state of our oral health care, or the challenges of chronic disease - and more - it's addressed.

I'd love to hear your comments.