Real time data to develop bike path master plan

Jan 3, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The City of Providence is launching a new app that tracks trips taken by bicycle. The app will help planners determine routes on the new bicycle master plan. Cyclists with a smartphone will soon be able to help Providence plan future bike routes in the city.

The Cycletrack app will track and map trips taken by cyclist in the city. The information goes to VHB in Providence, an engineering firm tasked with creating a new bike plan for the city. VHB’s Director for Cycling Transportation, Bill DeSantis, says by seeing where people are cycling in Providence, it will help them plan for things like where bike routes should go.
“It helps us. It hopefully lets us know which roadways people are using to get around on bikes. You know, we know destinations but we don’t what roadways or how they are getting there.  Right now it’s difficult. We really don’t have any information. And the old ways of doing it are time consuming and labor intensive and expensive. So we’re hoping this would work very quickly.”

DeSantis says the app was successful in other cities like San Francisco. It will be out by the end of the month. The Providence bike plan will be out this summer.

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