Recall Vote For Councilman Kevin Jackson Experiencing Delays

Mar 9, 2017

In Providence, Ward 3 residents want a recall election for City Councilman Kevin Jackson, but that recall election may not happen without action by the City Council.

Jackson faces criticism for remaining on the council while facing multiple counts of embezzlement and misuse of campaign funds, prompting residents to take action.

Twenty-three percent of his constituents signed a petition to put the matter to a vote. The signatures were certified by the Providence Board of Canvassers at the beginning of March.

But the entire process is running against the clock.

Providence’s Home Rule Charter gives the council 60 days to schedule the recall election from when the petition was certified. If a vote doesn’t happen by May 2, the request is rendered null.

A recall election requires a lot of steps in a short amount of time. Voters need to be notified, polling places designated, and ballots printed- the process can’t start until the council members set a date.

In a letter to City Council President Luis Aponte, the Providence Board of Canvassers asked the council to convene an emergency meeting this week.

Aponte said the council will hold its meeting March 16, its scheduled date.

It is unclear how much an impact a delay of one week would have on the vote’s logistics.