Recall Vote Sparked By Gun Rights Advocates Likely In Exeter

Oct 16, 2013

The chairwoman of the Exeter Board of Canvassers said it looks like there are enough petition signatures to warrant recall elections against four of the town’s five town councilors.  The recall stems from a controversy about who should handle background checks for concealed weapons permits.

The chair of the Exeter Board of Canvassers said they have enough signatures to justify a recall election against town council president Arlene Hicks and expect to have enough signatures to subject three of her colleagues to recalls as well. 

All four supported an unsuccessful bill to transfer concealed weapons permits applications from the town clerk to the attorney general’s office.  Gun advocates said it would take longer and be harder to secure a concealed weapons permit from the attorney general’s office than the town clerk. Supporters said the town clerk doesn’t have the resources to handle the task.

Town council president Arlene Hicks said she will fight the recall petition with all she’s got. She denounced the petition as a creation of the gun lobby and the tea party.

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