Redevelopment of Land in Providence Underway

Apr 8, 2013

Groundbreaking was held outside downtown Providence for the newest phase of the I-195 relocation project.

Credit John Bender / RIPR

The redevelopment will repair streets, create public spaces, and prepare land for commercial use on the 35 acre parcel west of the Providence River.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation Deputy Director Phillip Kydd says the program helps to free up crucial land for development in Providence.

“There will be some 150 million dollars, or so, of existing and active construction work taking place this summer in the city of Providence.  That is a significant investment in terms of infrastructure and one that we think will go a long way to help economic development.”

Governor Lincoln Chafee says the project, which was state and federally funded, is helping to lower the unemployment rates in Rhode Island.

“These are the tax payer dollars being put to work, so that we can realize private investment.  So we can grow our economy here in Rhode Island.  The last unemployment numbers, we had the biggest drop on record.  9.8 to 9.4, but we’re not going to stop.  We’re going to take these projects that we the tax payers invested in, and grow the economy with these infrastructure improvements.”

The second phase of this project will deal with the land to the East of the Providence River, and is expected to begin sometime this summer.

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