Redistricting commission rolls out the maps

PROVIDENCE, RI – The latest maps for state and congressional political districts go before the public Monday night at a meeting in Johnston. It's the first of several meetings this week where the public will get a chance to comment on maps for most of the state districts and the two congressional districts.

Commission member Ray Rickman said now's the time for public input.

"I tell people if this is a really great process none of these maps will be the map," said Rickman. "Because there will be so much public involvement, the commissioners will pay attention to the changes that need to be made, and the final maps will be different, that's my goal."

Rickman said he expects the final redistricting maps to be done before Christmas, after that they will be passed on to the general assembly.

Redistricting Commission Meetings
Monday December 5th 7:00 pm
Johnston High School

Tuesday December 6th 7:00pm
Warwick City Hall

Wednesday December 7th 7:00pm
Rhode Island Statehouse Room 313

Thursday December 8th 7:00pm
Barrington High School

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