Reed Slams Trump Administration Repeal of Net Neutrality

Nov 21, 2017

Sen. Jack Reed, D-RI, today criticized the Trump Administration’s plan to unravel the net neutrality regulations after the Federal Communications Commission announced that it plans to eliminate the rules in a vote next month.

“The Trump Administration’s plan to dismantle net neutrality will undermine principles of a free and open Internet and there’s every reason to think consumers will ultimately pay a price,” said Reed in a statement. “This repeal will benefit a few big companies at the expense of their customers who use the Internet every day.”

Reed says repeal would mean that Internet Service Providers won’t have to treat all content equally and, “could lead to uncompetitive practices where companies can charge extra fees or slow down services if you don’t pay a premium.”

Reed urged constituents concerned about this change to contact their Congressional representatives or weigh in with the FCC directly at