Reed Warns Against Government Shutdown

Sep 27, 2013

Senator Jack Reed took to the Senate floor Thursday to make an impassioned speech against shutting down the government. That’s a strategy backed by  House Republicans as a way of defunding Obamacare.  Rhode Island’s senior senator called a potential shutdown “unfortunate and inappropriate.”

Senior Senator Jack Reed, is fighting proposals to shut down the government, if a budget approval cannot be reached.

Reed says a government shutdown would affect many aspects of American life. People would be barred from national parks and monuments, construction could come to a stop on roads and bridges,  the EPA would virtually shut down and  applications for passports and government benefits could be delayed.

And a government shutdown isn’t free, he reminded his colleagues.

"It’s estimated that every week the government shuts down it will cost the economy about $30 billion. This is a very expensive political gambit – something that should be rejected on its face but also rejected because of the adverse harm, the demonstrable economic harm, it will do the country," said Reed.

He also warned Congress not to contemplate a default on the national debt, another Republican strategy to derail Obamacare.

"We’re not going out there saying ‘listen, let us borrow some more money so we can spend this new money. We’re just trying to pay for programs and appropriations that have been approved by the Congress," said Reed.

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