Reliving Newport's Revolutionary War History, For A Day

Aug 9, 2017

History buffs from across the northeast have something to look forward to in Newport later this month, as a Revolutionary War reenactment takes over the City by the Sea for a day.

On August 26th, Newport’s Washington Square will be transported back to the summer of 1777, when the city was occupied by over a thousand British troops. 

The reenactment is organized by the Newport Historical society. The event is expected to draw close to 100 reenactors to perform a period fight, wedding, and other revolutionary war era activities.

Organizer Elizabeth Sulock said it will be an educational experience, and a lot of work goes into making sure every detail is as accurate as possible.

“Everything is very well documented and well researched, pretty much all of our reenactors hand sew their own clothing, we’ve got clothing standards that people must meet to participate so we’re very much into the research aspect,” Sulock said.

Some local businesses are also set to participate. According to Sulock, passersby can participate in the activities as much, or as little, as they want.