Remarkable Rhode Island Kids

RIPR – How often have you heard someone utter the refrain in exasperation, "Ah, today's kids! What in heaven's name is this world coming to?" The reality, of course, is that every generation of adults has been challenged by some of the adolescents living under their roofs and crossing their paths, whether it's at the local mall, street corner, or highway. But for whatever reasons, we seem much less inclined to acknowledge that our world is filled as well with remarkable youth who are accomplishing extraordinary things with their young lives. Barbara Cervone has spent years promoting and celebrating kids' impressive achievements, and they have shaped her beliefs.

In 2001 Barbara Cervone founded What Kids Can Do, an international nonprofit that promotes youth as knowledge creators and activists. Before that, she helped direct Walter Annenberg's "Challenge to the Nation" project at Brown University. Cervone is a 2008 Purpose Prize winner and has lived in Rhode Island since 1973.

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