Report Forecasts Newport's Economic Losses Caused By Climate Change

Jan 26, 2016

A new study shows that Newport could face steep economic losses due to rising seas and storm surge related to climate change. That’s because 17 percent of Newport’s buildings sit in a floodplain.

City and town planners, businesses, and lawmakers are trying to get a handle on how much climate change may damage the Ocean State. They’re looking at three case studies: the Port of Providence, Westerly, and Newport. In Newport, State Rep. Lauren Carson said rising seas and storm surge present a significant risk, according to a recent report from the city.

“For example, we've learned that about $3.8 billion of potential property loss exists in Newport in those properties that are in the flood plain,” said Carson.

Carson said the report’s findings will be part of a larger study conducted by a commission she’s leading in the State House of Representatives. The study will include recommendations on how to plan for the threats of climate change. 

(Take a look at the PowerPoint Presentation by City of Newport Geographic Information System Coordinator Melissa Barker.)

Note: This post has been updated.