Republican Candidates For Governor Trade Jabs During First Televised Debate

Jun 18, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block touted his status as a political outsider, while GOP rival Allan Fung used a televised debate Tuesday to highlight his experience as the mayor of Cranston. The forum was sponsored by the Providence Journal and Channel 12.

Republican gubernatorial candidate sparred with fellow candidate Cranston Mayor Allan Fung at their first televised debate.

Fung and Block each argued that their separate backgrounds make them qualified to put Rhode Island on a stronger path to the future. Block said his business experience and distance from politics makes him the better choice.

"Political insiders have hurt our state and only an outsider with the right skills and the right abilities can fix what’s broken here. Ladies and gentlemen, together we will fix Rhode Island," said Block.

In gunning for the state’s top job, Fung points to how he held the line on taxes for the last three years as the mayor of Cranston.

“And we did it by consolidating services, reducing personnel, reforming our pension system, moving employees into 401Ks. These are real reforms, real results," said Fung.

Both Republicans criticized one another for supporting Democrats in the past. Voters will choose between Fung and Block during a primary September 9th.

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