Republicans debate in 2nd Congressional District

Providence, R.I. – Three of the four Republican candidates vying for the 2nd Congressional District seat said fixing the illegal immigration problem involves a mix of board security and documenting the illegal workers already in the country.

The candidates gave their opinions during Monday night's League of Women Voter's debate. William Clegg said the federal government is failing to enforce its own laws and needs to beef up boarder crossings, while Michael Gardiner emphasized a path for citizenship. Mark Zaccaria called the immigration problem, an economic problem

"Creating some sort of easy to use guest worker program that will allow us to have people come in, work for W-2 wages, be covered by workman's comp go ahead and leave maybe after nine months for a three month review before the next cycle," Zacaria said.

Zaccaria said he would create jobs for Rhode Island by promoting new production, Clegg said new jobs won't happen until businesses feel confident enough to release capital. While Gardiner said ending the war in Afghanistan will redirect federal funding for jobs.

Tonight, the Democrats running for the 1st Congressional seat will debate. WRNI will broadcast that debate at 9 o'clock, after President Obama's speech about the end of the US combat mission in Iraq.