Republicans Push Back on Gun Control Proposal

Apr 11, 2013

Republican lawmakers are taking aim at a package of gun control bills proposed Tuesday by Governor Lincoln Chafee and legislative leaders.

Critics wonder whether RI's proposed gun control legislation is constitutional.
Credit Flo Jonic/RIPR

Among other things, the new laws would ban the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons and high capacity magazines.  State Representative Doreen Costa of North Kingstown questions the constitutionality of the bills.

"To me this is a ban," Costa said. "This is a ban on guns, period. And my concern is they said this is the beginning of a discussion. So if this is just the beginning what’s going to come after this? I honestly don’t think this is going to be an easy package for them to pass because there’s a lot of second amendment folks on that House floor so it’s going to be interesting to see the discussion."

Costa predicts one thousand people will turn out to testify against the bills, once they come up for committee hearings.

Rhode Island’s proposed bills are in reaction to the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.  They are similar to legislation already passed in Connecticut and Colorado.

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