Research Out Of Bradley Hospital Shows A Good Night's Rest Can Stave Off Sickness

Nov 18, 2013

New research out of Bradley Hospital confirms what your mother always told you: get plenty of rest.

Researchers at Bradley Hospital’s sleep lab followed 56 teens over a period of 16 weeks.  They found that those who sleep the most tend to get sick the least. Sleep Lab director Mary Carskadon says the message is clear.

"The major conclusion from this analysis is that most of the time for most of the kids when they were sick was when they were sleeping least. And so those youngsters who were sleeping under about six hours, under seven hours a night they were the ones who struggled the most and had the most illnesses," said Carskadon.

The research was recently published in the Journal of Sleep Research. Carskadon recommends at least eight-and-a-half hours of sleep per night for teens.

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