Researchers Launch Clinical Trial For New Alzheimer's Treatment

Mar 6, 2015

Researchers are launching a new clinical trial for treatments that could prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease. The trial is one of many Alzheimer's-related projects underway in the Ocean State.

Rhode Island is participating in several major clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease therapies.  And a growing focus is on identifying signs of the disease early enough to prevent it. For one study, researchers at Brown University and Butler Hospital are recruiting people who have no memory loss yet but are at higher risk for developing Alzheimer's. Butler Hospital neurologist doctor Stephen Salloway said they’re looking for people who carry two particular genes.

“We’ll do a genetic test, probably through a simple mouth swab, to identify the group that’s at higher risk. The goal is prevent or delay the memory loss, so we’re going to be testing two medicines for people at risk," said Salloway.

He and other researchers are also testing a kind of Alzheimer's “vaccine,” a drug that could slow or stop the build-up of plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer's.

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