Residents await Hurricane Earl

Providence, R.I. – In 1938, a hurricane named the Long Island Express' slammed into Westerly, killing 100 people. There was no warning but there is now, as Hurricane Earl makes its way toward the east coast.

But Westerly residents don't seem to be taking the threat seriously.

Jeff Hines lives on a 41 foot yacht docked in Westerly. He has no plans to move it even as forecasters warn there's a chance Hurricane Earl will take a swipe at Rhode Island.

"No, I don't see any reason to move the boat," Hines says. "I think we're probably going to get high wind and possible thunderstorms but I think that's all we're going to get from the hurricane."

Charlie Bell of Charlestown had the same attitude.

"About the only thing I'm thinking about doing for preparations is calling my insurance and finding out exactly what they define as hurricane damage," Bell says.

Westerly Police, however, are taking the storm seriously. They're urging residents to assemble emergency kits and stocking a senior center in case it needs to be used as a shelter.