Residents Give Input On Providence Transportation Hub

Mar 10, 2017

As plans to build a new transportation hub in Providence move forward, Rhode Islanders told transportation officials the amenities they’re looking for at a meeting Thursday evening. The proposed center would connect bus and train services.

About 30 people attended the open house hosted by the state Department of Transportation.

Attendees were given stickers and instructed to place them on boards that listed different amenities. A sticker on a board represented a vote for the amenity offered. Choices included a pre-paid boarding zone and a customer service kiosk.

Spokesman for RIDOT Charles St. Martin said votes encompassed a variety of wants.

Boards where residents could cast their votes.
Credit Courtesy of RIDOT

“You get a sense of what people are interested in. It ranged everywhere from bike sharing to covered walkways between facilities, to Wi-Fi in the building,” said St. Martin.

The transportation hub is still in early stages of planning. RIDOT is currently looking for companies interested in taking on the project.

Once possible companies are identified, they will start the bidding process where companies will be asked to submit designs that incorporate what Rhode Islanders expect to see.