Residents Keep an Eye on Rising Pawtuxet River

Jun 11, 2013

The National Weather Service has extended flood warnings for the Pawtuxet and Pawcatuck Rivers.  Over two inches of rain fell across many parts of Rhode Island Monday night, and more rain is expected Tuesday night. 

This is the sound of the Pawtuxet River in Cranston, which is still rising due to heavy rain.   Flood stage is for the Pawtuxet is 9 feet. The National Weather Service projects it will reach 11 feet by Wednesday afternoon. 

The Pawtuxet River expected to reach 11 feet by Wednesday.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

The river runs about a thousand feet behind Chris Pistocco’s auto body business on Elmwood Avenue in Cranston.  The business sustained a quarter of a million dollars in damage in the 2010 flood. Pistocco is not ready for a repeat of that experience.

“As soon as the river goes over we have water come into the building and the parking lot and it causes extreme chaos and stops the business from running smoothly,” said Pistocco.

When asked where he puts his car, he responded, “we usually put them in the junk yard after the flood.” He said his neighbors park their cars in their yards but the yards flood as well.

The Pawcatuck River in Westerly is also high. The Pawcatuck is expected to crest around 8 feet then slowly begin receding.

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