Residents oppose Walmart Superstore

PROVIDENCE, RI – Seekonk residents are joining forces to fight the construction of a Walmart superstore.

Walmart already has a store on Route 6 in Seekonk. The company is proposing to build one twice as large about a football field down the road.

Joe Mello, whose property would abut the new superstore, says it's unwanted and unneeded in a town of 13,000.

"I just don't think we need another Walmart in this area where they've got an existing store right now," he says. "We've got enough vacant buildings on Route 6 that they don't need to put up another box store right in my front yard."

Mello is a member of "Seekonk First" a coalition of roughly 40 residents who oppose the project. Walmart is fighting back, taking out ads in the local paper and collecting petition signatures at its existing store.

The company did not reply to a Rhode Island Public Radio inquiry seeking comment.

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