Residents to protest Westerly Hospital maternity ward closure

Jan 23, 2013

Some local residents say they plan to protest Westerly Hospital’s recent decision to stop delivering babies later this summer.

Westerly resident Susan Kenyon has organized the Thursday evening candlelight vigil to take place at Westerly Middle School, right before a community meeting about Westerly Hospital’s future. She says she and other local residents are worried that shutting down the maternity ward could be dangerous for pregnant women.

“If there’s a situation that arises where a woman’s not going to make it to the hospital, we don’t want babies born on the side of route one or on the side of 95," said Kenyon.

Kenyon says she appreciates the hospital’s financial difficulties and the fact that the number of deliveries has steadily declined at the hospital. But she says she’s hopeful there’s an alternative to having to drive nearly half an hour to the next nearest hospital.

Hospital officials plan to hold a community meeting about the hospital's future Thursday, Jan. 24 at 6 pm at Westerly Middle School.

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