Residents try to pay-off George Cohan's bust

PROVIDENCE, RI – A fundraiser was held in Providence to help pay off a sculpture of George M. Cohan. The bronze bust stands at the intersection of Governor and Wickenden Streets in Providence, just a few feet from where the famed Broadway showman was born.

It's been two years since a bronze sculpture of Providence son and composer George M. Cohan was unveiled in the Fox Point neighborhood. At the time the couple who spearheaded the public art project - Sy and Judy Dill - thought it would be a relatively simple matter to raise $35,000 to pay the artist.

But sculptor Robert Shure has received only about two-thousand dollars of what he is owed.

"I'm kind of stuck," says Sy Dill. "It's been a struggle. I was committed to the project but I didn't think it would take this long."

Sy Dill says the recession, coupled with public forgetfulness about who Cohan was, have made fundraising difficult.

"Who is he and I don't have enough money to contribute to somebody I don't know.' We find it very difficult to raise funds.

A silent auction was held yesterday (Sunday) at Conley's Wharf to help pay off the statue of the man who wrote more than 500 songs including "Give my regards to Broadway."

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