Rhode Island gets a welcomed blast of Spring

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Islanders are drinking up an unusually warm winter day.

You know it's been a crummy winter when 52 degrees feels great.

Around the state roads are wet with melting snow and people have shed their heavy winter clothes. Outside the Cranston Post Office, Rosemary McCaffrey welcomes this blast of Spring. "Oh this is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I think everybody's going to feel so much better now that it's warm," says McCaffrey. "Can't wait til the week-end."

Grant Colley has spring flowers on his mind.

"I think we're in for a great spring. We're going to see a lot of blossoms," says Colley."

It's going to be a real pleasure this Spring." So is winter over or we just getting a reprieve? Well if statistical averages are any guide, we're in for another five inches of snow in March.

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