Rhode Island Labor Department Boosting Fraud Crackdown Programs

Dec 30, 2013

The Department of Labor and Training says it saw an increase this year (2013) in the number of prosecutions for fraudulent claims and will continue programs next year that crack down on fraud.

The Department of Labor and Training says only a minority actually abuse the system, but it has put tools in place to detect fraud. There’s an anti-fraud unit, a tip line, and training seminars for businesses. DLT director Charlie Fogarty said there’s even a dedicated prosecutor in the attorney general’s office chasing down fraudulent claims for worker’s comp, temporary disability insurance and unemployment.

"A lot of individuals now when they hear about these cases are coming in saying, ‘gee, I think I might have a little problem, I’m not quite sure," said Fogarty

Forgarty said the prosecutor was part of a pilot program that he is going to continue in the future.

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