Rhode Island Licensing Goes Digital

Dec 3, 2013

The state of Rhode Island licenses 69 professions, everything from hairdressers to electricians. Until now, license holders have had to renew by mail or in person. But all that’s changing Tuesday.

The state is rolling out a new e-licensing system Tuesday. It will allow anyone with a professional license to get a new one or renew an old one online.  Paul McGreevy, director of the Department of Business Regulation, says it’s part of the governor’s initiative to make it easier to do business in Rhode Island.

"This is to improve the efficiency of our operations so we can issue licenses in a much more cost-efficient manner, but also to improve customer service. You know these people that are in these business areas, they want to go do their job and we want to make that task of fulfilling their obligations under the regulations easier," said McGreevy.

The new e-licensing system will affect 45-thousand people in 69 occupations. To apply for a license, just go to the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation website and click on “I need a license.”

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