Rhode Island Receives $7.5 Million For Sandy Cleanup

Jun 16, 2014

Rhode Island is receiving more federal funding to continue cleanup efforts started after Superstorm Sandy. The money will also be used to prepare the state for future storms and the effects climate change.

Rhode Island will receive a total of seven and a half million dollars for a variety of projects across the state. The largest amount, three-point-two million dollars is going to a state effort headed by the state’s Coastal Resource Management Council, which is working to restore 30 acres of coastal salt marshes. The marshes function as a storm surge buffer and flood storage area. The town of Middletown is getting $2.3 million to restore beach dunes, and to develop a program for students and volunteers to continue monitoring it.

The Narragansett Indian Tribe will receive money to conduct a survey of natural resources on tribal land, and to determine their resiliency in the event of future storms.

Two initiatives aimed at shoreline repair and resiliency are were also granted $1.2 million dollars.

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