Rhode Island Republicans Eye Reed's Seat

Apr 30, 2013

The state Republican chairman says the GOP plans to field a candidate when Senator Jack Reed seeks re-election next year.  A fundraiser on Monday, featuring Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, helped pour even more money into Reed’s campaign war chest.

Reed is considered to have one of the safest seats in the US Senate, and he’s sitting on a war chest of about $2 million. Reed, a Democrat, plans to seek his fourth term next year.

State GOP chairman Mark Smiley says a few Republicans are considering running against Reed. Smiley wouldn’t identify any of the potential candidates, but he says they need to make a decision soon to start raising money.

The GOP chair points to Warren’s appearance on Reed’s behalf as a sign that the senator may be more vulnerable that widely assumed. During his last election, in 2006, Reed beat Republican Robert Tingle with 73 percent of the vote.